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Paul with his guitar

Relax Listen was formed in 2010 by Andy Hubble, musician, producer and sound engineer. Many of the instrumental tracks lean towards the rock genre but tend to be classified as easy listening. Relax Listen’s music tends to be picked up and used by the film and television industry for either intro/outro or general background music. The track "Classic Durasic" taken from the first album “Gallery (a collection of pictures)” became popular in Europe when it was used as the theme to "Broken Thumbs TV" a YouTube gaming channel, the track became popular and went on to iTunes chart in France, Germany and Luxembourg. If your production needs original music please don’t hesitate to contact us.


in time
In Time

The album “In Time” was inspired by Time, the way we perceive it and the way it effects our lives. Often there is either not enough time or too much time, we can choose to waste it or to use it wisely, in many ways time rules the way that we live. Just Relax Magazine: Album Review


This "smooth jazz" influenced album features "Mellow", "Tweedle" and "A little night music", which have been re-released due to popular demand and it is these tracks that have inspired the new ones.
Just Relax Magazine: Album Review

with friends
With Friends

This is the bridge album that links Relax Listen to HnH music. Paul and Andy collaborated on these tracks and this is the first Relax Listen album to feature lyrics/vocals, it also introduces Sharon V, who supplied both lyrics and her voice for "Sad Mac".


The title of this album highlights REM sleep (dreams), which is the album theme. Each track is a different dream subject and the music is intended to give the listener a feel for that dream.

looking glass
Looking Glass

The question this album poses is "What if there is alternate universes to the Lewis Carol one?" In this universe, instead of the hatter going mad through the constant handling of the chemicals used in the manufacture of hats, he is a manic-depressive, a sad hatter. Tweedle is different , he is suave, a lounge lizard and very much a ladies man.

new horizons
New Horizons

January 2013, there were no fresh ideas and I decided to take a few months off. Fortunately by mid summer, the ideas started to flow again and I decided to treat it as a fresh start.


This was originally planned to be the last album. While working on this album my mom passed away.

a day at a time
A day at a time

The tracks for this album were written and produced over a six month period prior to release, except for Dawn Adams, which was re-recorded as a new version of a much older track.

to this
Relax Listen To this

the art of
The Art of Relax Listen

The Relax Listen Therapy

The Benefits of Relax Listen

relax listen
Relax Listen

The second album (part two), continues to release tracks from the initial three year period of writing and production. The choice and order of the tracks are designed to Segway into each other


The first part of a collection of tunes, which was written over a three-year period prior to the album release, it features "Classic Durasic" and "Mellow" both tracks have found success on the web since release.

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